“I met Hilary at a golf event, on how to mix business with golf. She had such a great seminar on business golf that we wanted to go further and use her expertise and services. We learned from Hilary how to gain and retain clients and how to strategically place business in the market place. I learned so much from Hilary that I could not wait to take back to my business and share with the employees. I felt empowered to use golf as part of our business development plan and market business with golf. The benefits from Hilary were numerous. We want to strategically place business using tactics Hilary taught us. We learned not only how to gain clients but also how to retain our existing clients. Hilary’s seminar definitely helped me on and off the golf course. She taught me when to bring up business, when to provide business cards, certain question to ask and when.”

Melissa Allen, Director of Marketing, WFT Engineering